mediterranean organic garden of the Clair de la Plume

At 300 meters from the Main House, this place opened on bright days and offers an exceptional view on the village of Grignan. Our garden offers a 1500m² collection of mediterranean plants as lavender, cistus, rosemary, and others that do not require a lot of watering. No chemicals are used (organic fertilizer). The Mediterranean Garden offers a natural swimming pool (pond maintained in an organic way), an open-air restaurant (open on sunny days in summer), and a Lovers Pavilion, with a garden with private terrace and an exceptional view of the town.


Our swimming pool is an ancient above-ground stone pond. It mesures 13 m x 5 m, for a depth of 1,10 m. To our knowledge, it was formerly used as a fishpond and to water the nearby gardens. No chemical treatment is used. The sanitary quality of the water is provided through the regeneration zone (in-ground) separated from the swimming part. This all-organic regeneration process is built on 3 principles: movement of water, filtration (through gravels, sands and diverse rocks), and oxygenation by plants. This system is based on the natural groundwater system. Health monitoring is provided by the public Agency of Health. To guarantee the natural sanitary regeneration of the water, access is permited between 10.00 am and 18.00 pm.


1. the filtered water comes from the bottom of the pool.

2. overflow on the side wall.

3. water circulates between pebbles in a little canal.

4. passing through a filter then in a vortex.

5. transfer to the regeneration zone.

6. water inlet at the bottom of a well.

7. flow between layers of gravel, sand, rocks.

8. overflow onto a second independent zone. Circulation through plants, then to the bottom via different layers of rock, gravel and sand.

9. suction from the bottom (sector 8). Lift pomp: the only piece of machinery in the system.

10. filtered water returns to the pool.

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