Création du Chef Benjamin REILHES - La Pintade Ivre - Truffe mélanosporum

All year long, discover our different offers:

  • at the Main House, a Gastronomic restaurant, the Breakfast.
  • at the Chapouton Farm, a Bistro restaurant (& take-away), an afternoon service.
  • at the Mediterranean Garden, a private venue for your events.
  • in the center of the village, the Winegrowers Café (restaurant & local wines).

The Gastronomic

Création du Chef Benjamin REILHES - Courge Thaï - Le Clair de la Plume

Chapter after chapter, the Chef leads you in a gastronomic experience built around a selection of the best seasonal fare. Also vegetarian dishes.

The Bistro

gourmets dishes at the chapouton farm bistro

Open every day for lunch & dinner.

Situated in Chapouton Farm, at 400m.

Traditional cooking, fresh products and friendly service…

Inside the kitchen

Cédric PERRET - Pastry Chef - Chocolate Cluizel

Benjamin REILHES, Chef de cuisine, & Cédric PERRET, Chef pâtissier, and with Glenn VIEL's supervising (3 Michelin's stars), gourmand curiosity leads you. 

The Café des Vignerons

le café des vignerons au coeur du village de grignan

Open every day from 9am to 11pm.

Located in the heart of the Village of Grignan.

Wine bar and restaurant.

Tea Time

team time et pastry la Ferme Chapouton

Open afternoons, in Chapouton Farm.

Hot and cold drinks.

Home-made ice-creams & pastries …

The Breakfast

Breakfast with champagne le Clair de la Plume

Open avery days, in room, at the restaurant or in garden of the Main House. Even for non-resident people. Buffet of salty, sweet foods, fresh fruits... and Champagne.

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