Partners clair de la plume grignan

Clair de la Plume has established relationships of trust and creativity with various artisans : breeders, perfumers, biscuits, porcelain, wine growers, ...

You will find their products at our Boutique, and in our menus (according to the seasons).

BOTERO guest house

chambre d'hôtes Botero Grignan Provence

This guest house, is nearby the hotel.

It has private rooms with bathrooms (no bath, but a shower, washbasin and toilet), garden and swimming pool reserved for exclusive use of the guest house. Minibar, TV satellite.

>p>One room has a typical Provencal architecture; the second one, with two levels, has a more contemporaneous design

NB: No air conditioning or telephone available; for safety reasons (stairs and pond), minors are not admitted.

AIX & TERRA épicerie fine

Marina et Richard Allibert, AIx et Terra

An uncommon place, created by Richard et Marina Alibert. Behind large glass windows you will discover the daily work of the jam makers. After having discovered the workshop, visitors can enjoy lunch at a friendly « table d’hôtes » and taste recipes from la Manufacture.

Menu will let discover delicious and creative dishes combining exclusively fresh products from local markets and aix&terra creations.

Within the Manufacture you can also buy all the aix&terra products at the fine grocery: the Epicerie.


partenariat aixetterra clairdelaplume.jpg

The Chef of the restaurant Le Clair de Plume really liked the Provençal factory and his elaborate recipes by craftsmen with local farm produces.

Sharing the same taste for the culinary know-how of the Drôme and Provence, he became the godfather of the Factory to Saulce-sur-Rhône.

Inspired by the summer truffle, he finalized with Marina Alibert, 2 new recipes: the "Garlic and Truffle summer cream" and the "Summer truffle, onions tartare cream". Until the creation of the range "aix & terra Julien Allano". To be continued ...

CLUIZEL chocolatier

Cluizel chocolatier partner clair de la plume

For 3 generations, in Damville, Normandy, the Cluizel family has evolved amidst fragrances of chocolate. With the help of skilled Cacaofèviers®, Confectioners and Chocolate Makers, the family carries on with their tradition. The Manufacture developed a direct, sustainable relation with cocoa planters. Everything is made at the Manufacture: slow roasting process, decorations often handmade,... This results in a range of tastes from unique soils, emphasized by traditional or innovative recipes: Michel Cluizel’s chocolates.

VALS Ardèche mineral water

Vals eau minérale partners clair de la plume

An historic water, served at the court of the kings of France, among the oldest exploited sources of France which makes the Ardèche sparkle to the rhythm of its bubbles since 1602. The legend tells that a young fisherman named MARTIN, discovered that he skirted the river, a particular bubbling on one of the shores. Tired, he stopped and drank the water from the spring that was revealed to him and he found himself well. It celebrates in 2017 its 415 years.

Taste it at Clair de la Plume.

VIGNOLIS oils & olives of Nyons

vignolis huiles olive partenaires clair de la plume

For the conservation of a territory, the authenticity of the productions, the farmers built a collective heritage by getting organized in cooperative to support the work of the actors, the remuneration for producers, and support their life choice. They obtain in 1994 the Protected designation of origin for olives and olive oil of Nyons, transformed into Protected designation of origin in 1997.

This high quality product is used in several way in Le Clair de la Plume, especialy in Chef's cuisine.

REVOL porcelain

revol porcelaine partner clair de la plume

Since the beginning, in 1768, 9 generations of the same family have run the company… A 250 years old company, made of people transmitting attachment to a knowledge and a practice.

REVOL conquered the international markets with creations of a culinary range of products that combine both aesthetics and functionality. In 2000 Revol launched the Froissés collection. This little cup is a huge success and it becomes a cult object. Discover Revol creations at Le Clair de la Plume restaurant.

PAIN PETIT FOUR special breads

pain petits fours french baker logo

Careful choice of raw materials, rigorous respect for methods of craftsmanship, since 1972, this family business offers its know-how to the best gastronomic tables.

Based in Saint André de la Roche, close to NICE, Pain Petits Fours is rich of more than 40 years of experience in artisan bakery quality with professionals. In a wird: Innovation in tradition.

Julien Allano, Chef of Le Clair de la Plume, collaborate with Pain Petit Four the create new recipes of special breads.


secrets de lola biscuits at clairdelaplume.jpg

Since 1999, meet Laurence and Mark in their biscuit factory in Entrechaux village in Provence.

As "at home" made, their biscuits are exclusively handmade, with noble products only.

An exceptional work of patience and innovative ideas.

Especially for Le Clair de la Plme, they prepare specific biscuits, stamps each by hand.

You can enjoy them at the tea room, or in our shop.

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