Huile d'olive de France Fruité intense - 50 cl Expand

French olive oil- Intense fruitiness 50 cl


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Olive oil derived from our know-how and our terroir, but with an intense fruity.

As well cooked as raw:
- In seasoning cold dishes (curried salad, tomatoes ...).
- In condiments for seasoning hot dishes (starchy foods, meats)
- Added to the cooking water pasta, rice ...

Bottle of 50 cl - Unit price

Valeurs nutritionnelles moyennes pour 100g : Energie 8696kJ - 899kcal / Graisses 99.9g dont acides gras saturés 11.53g / Acides gras monoinsaturés 77.87g / Acides gras polysaturés 6.01g / Glucides 0g dont sucre 0g / Protéines 0g / Sel 0.02g

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